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Making sure your business is secure is a priority for any business owner. Trident offers strategic security planning to suit your needs so your staff and property are safe and sound. We provide expert solutions for industrial, commercial, multi-housing and apartment applications. 24/7 emergency service is available.

Card Access Control Systems are a proven and effective way of managing control of your facility. We offer scalable access control solutions for organizations of any size through a number of different platforms that include fully hardwired, offline and wireless products. Our Locksmith and Security Technicians are experts in picking the appropriate electronic hardware for the each job. Trident draws from years of experience in both the Locksmith and Electronic Security industry and can provide hardware solutions for any application.

Traka’s Intelligent Key and asset management systems improve the security, reliability and the profitability of your business. Trident is your source for Traka21 electronic stand-alone key management systems and Traka Touch intelligent key and locker systems.

Camera systems and telephone entry systems

Video Surveillance Systems have been around for more than thirty years in the security industry, giving users security even when they’re not at the location.  There is a number of technologies out there and while the surveillance industry is moving toward IP technology, analog systems are still very much in use today.  Older analog systems can be upgraded to or combined with high definition cameras, giving users the option of high definition without the expense of running new cables. Options like remote viewing from your smart phone are common functions of these hybrid HD camera systems.  Trident offers a range of video solutions for Analog, High Definition Analog and IP Camera systems.  Whether you are thinking of a new system or upgrading an existing system contact us for a free evaluation.

Telephone Entry Systems are commonly used in apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor and can grant or deny admittance from a dedicated handset, telephone land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button. Systems vary from standard intercom, video intercom, phone line systems and no phone line (NPL) systems that do not require a dedicated phone line to communicate with tenants.  Trident maintains and carries a variety of entry systems for single door to multi-tenant applications.

An Intrusion Alarm System detects intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or area. Intrusion alarms are used in residential, commercial and industrial properties for protection against theft or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.  Modern intrusion systems can notify your phone with text and email in case of an alarm as well as control locks, cameras, thermostats and more.  Trident installs, services and monitors intrusion alarm systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications.  If you have any questions about alarms call Trident and talk to one of our Certified Installers.

High Security locks and keys are guaranteed to guard against unauthorized duplication and offer superior protection against physical attack and lock picking.

Electronic Access Control and Telephone Entry Intercom offer the best security and provide a convenient way to manage building access. View the audit trail of events and if a card is lost, simply remove it from the system and your problems are over.

Traka systems enable you to secure, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset, including: premises, devices, secure areas, equipment, machinery and vehicles. This results in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, less damage and fewer losses, which in turn means less administration and lower operating costs.

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